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As Spanish is my native language, I specialise in translations into that language. The languages I usually translate from are English and Chinese.

Because of my academic and professional background, I can provide accurate translations of technical or scientific texts, especially in the fields of Computing, Physics and Mathematics.

Besides translating documents in text formats such as .txt and .doc, I also translate web pages, and I offer assistance with localisation issues for web sites or software development.

Certified Translations in Spain

I am an "intérprete jurado" (official translator) of English in Spain. I passed the examination organised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1997, as was published in the Spanish Official State Journal (Boletín Oficial del Estado) on 10 February 1998. Please feel free to contact me for further information about certified translations in Spain.


For ordinary text translations in .txt or .doc format, I charge €80 per 1000 words (per 1000 characters in translations from Chinese).

Those interested in the translation of web sites or binary program resources should contact me with the details of the project so that I can assess the difficulty involved and work out a reasonable fee.

Translation Services
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